Tree Surgeons in Dorking | Safety and Best Practice in Tree Surgery Work

At Purley Tree & Garden Care, we are time-served tree surgeons with strong health and safety ethics. As such, we can carry out formative tree surgery and tree removal work in line with industry best practices and government regulations. With 10+ years of industry experience, we maintain safety standards on all projects. From directional felling and hedge cutting, to garden patios and fencing, we have the Dorking area covered.

When undertaking any type of work, there are many factors for our tree surgery and landscaping company to consider. These considerations keep you, our workforce and the public safe.

The particularly hazardous nature of tree removal work means you should always hire professional tree surgeons rather than carry out the required work yourself. The following are all ways to maintain good health and safety standards onsite.

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Tree Climbing – Despite what many people think, it takes a lot of skill to safely climb trees. We have full NPTC and LANTRA training, as well as specialist climbing gear which allows us to move quickly, and to perform tree surgery work safely. Being able to climb is also essential to sectional tree removals, where arborists cut limbs from the top downwards.

The tree surgeons at our landscaping company are also trained in aerial rescue should they ever need to help a colleague.

Use of Equipment and Machinery – Every member of our team has training in the safe use of equipment and machinery, like chainsaws, pulley systems, ropes, compactors for stabilising the sub-bases of driveways and garden patios, and the tools used in fencing construction. This results in a controlled service where we complete all work in Dorking in safety.

We also provide our team with initial and ongoing training in hedge cutting and stump grinding machinery.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Like all professional tree surgeons, we wear the necessary PPE for every service provided. This includes safety helmets, hearing protection, chainsaw trousers and chainsaw boots when undertaking tree removals. Like any reputable tree surgery and landscaping company, we insist that our personnel never start work if an item of PPE isn’t provided or is in a faulty condition.

For landscaping work, including the construction of fencing and garden patios, we wear gloves and safety boots.

Work at Height – Falls from height are the biggest cause of workplace deaths. We take the Work at Height Regulations 2005 seriously and take the time to involve our tree surgeons in the safe planning and organisation of work at height. We make sure that all tree surgery work in Dorking is legislatively compliant with the latest guidelines for our sector.

As already specified, our tree surgery and landscaping company trains staff in safe climbing and aerial rescue techniques.

Ground Crews – At Purley Tree & Garden Care Ltd, we always have ground crews working alongside our tree surgeons. These teams play a vital role in tree surgery work, providing rope management, area control and other key skills to maintain site safety during formative tree pruning and tree removals. We couldn’t do anything safely without our ground crews.

A ground crew isn’t the same as a team of groundworkers. We can, however, perform groundworks ahead of installing garden patios and pathways, and to erect posts for garden fencing.

Protections & Restrictions – There are various protections and restrictions that may impact our work in the Dorking area. With many years of experience behind them, our tree surgeons have a thorough knowledge of these restrictions. This ensures we avoid fines and penalties when undertaking any type of tree surgery work or providing seasonal hedge cutting services.

This includes work related to any Tree Preservation Order or to do with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. So long as we stay within a set specification, there is no legislation for us to meet when laying garden patios or building fencing.

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