Fencing in Tunbridge Wells | How Well-Maintained Borders Improve Your Property

Well-maintained border features have a massive impact on your property. As well as making your outdoor space more comfortable and functional, fencing, hedges and border plants can improve the kerb appeal and value of your property. To get the most from your home, business or other premises, it’s important to carefully consider the features you install, and to properly maintain them. With over 10 years of experience as tree surgeons and fencing contractors, we provide expert advice and solutions that ensure your borders meet your needs while maximising property value and usability. Find out how our services, from tree surgery and tree removal in Westerham to hedge cutting in Tunbridge Wells, improve your domestic or commercial premises.

As a customer-focused company, Purley Tree & Garden Care Ltd strives to deliver ideal solutions that give you the exact space you need. That’s why we undertake full tree surveys, consultations and quotes before carrying out work in Tunbridge Wells or any surrounding areas.

Hedge Cutting & Maintenance

Hedges are a popular way to define borders. They improve your property by protecting against wind, increasing privacy and providing a wildlife habitat. They also help beautify the landscape, especially in more urban areas.

However, hedges need periodic maintenance to stay healthy and to continue providing the above benefits. As skilled tree surgeons, we undertake hedge cutting for domestic and commercial customers in the Tunbridge Wells area. This can include tree surgery for hedgerows that contain trees.

With specialist equipment, we ensure your hedgerow is in the best possible condition all year round. This maximises kerb appeal as well as other benefits.


A carefully planned, high quality fence offers a range of benefits. Different fencing styles can improve privacy, security, safety and visual appeal. This makes your outdoor space more comfortable and useable because you don’t have to worry about things like passers-by looking in, or children or pets escaping. Furthermore, well-maintained fences are attractive to potential buyers.

At Purley Tree & Garden Care, we supply and install various options, including traditional panels, close board fences and picket fencing. We also undertake repairs and replacements for old or damaged fences in Tunbridge Wells.

In addition, because we are skilled in all aspects of tree removal, if necessary, we carry out stump grinding to remove stumps that are in the way of a fence, ensuring ideal end results.

Tree Surgery

Trees and shrubs are ideal border features. The right plants screen your property from neighbours and passers-by while still allowing plenty of light into your space. Trees are also a perfect way to block unsightly views. In addition, studies show that properties with trees, or with trees nearby, are attractive to potential buyers and enjoy a higher resale value.

However, trees need professional maintenance to stay attractive, healthy and safe. As qualified and experienced tree surgeons, we provide a range of services to maintain the shape, size and condition of trees in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas.

This includes tree surgery such as crown reduction, crown lifting, formative pruning and deadwooding as well as tree removal and planting. We also undertake hedge cutting for complete border maintenance.

Please call us on 01883 626007 or 07401 176632 to discover how we can improve your property with fencing, tree surgery and other services in the Tunbridge Wells area.